Speed Boat tour to Komodo National Park

Shared Tour One Day Trip Komodo National Park Using Speed

Rp. 1.400.000/person Open Trip One Day Tour
Komodo National Park Using Speed Boat

(Start at 05:30 am & End at 16:00 pm)

Welcome to Open Trip One Day Tour Komodo National Park. Only spend one day tour you will explore the highlights best spots in Komodo National Park. The spots are Padar Island, Komodo Island, Pink Beach, Taka Makasar, Manta Point, and Kanawa Island. We have biggest speed boat to make your one day tour safety, comfortable, and enjoyable. We provide snorkeling gear, mineral water, snack, and lunch. Just tell us where to pick up and bring you. We serve you best. There is English speaking guide will guide you during the tour. To join in this lovely one day tour you should arrive the day before and back the day after the tour.
Tour itinerary: Padar Island – Komodo Island – Pink Beach – Taka Makasar – Manta Point – Kanawa Island.
• Padar Island (Trekking for view)
Pick up service from your hotel/home stay and drive to Labuan Bajo’s harbor. Labuan Bajo to Padar Island take only 45 minutes. Padar Island is one of best spot in Komodo National Park to see and enjoy the great view. There is stairs up to the top of this island. From the top of this island you will see three colorful beaches white, black, and pink. After taking some pictures we will move to Komodo Island which is taken only 45 minutes.
• Komodo Island (Trekkning to see Komodo Dragon)
Here in Komodo Island you will do trekking to see Komodo Dragon in their habitat. There is local tour guide or well known as ranger to lead, guard, and expain you about Komodo Dragon and some other wild life animals in this island. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water during the trek. The temperatur quite hot. You can take some pictures of Komodo Dragon or ask the ranger to take the pictures. Our guide will tell for many hours you will do the trek. After doing a trek back to the speed boat and sail to Pink Beach which is taken only 20 minutes.
• Pink Beach (Snorkeling, swimming, and to enjoy the beach)
Pink Beach is located in Komodo Island. At Pink Beach you do some activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and to enjoy the wonderful pink sand beach. Afterward heading to Taka Makassar which spend only 30 minutes.
• Taka Makasar (Enjoy the tiny island)
Taka Makassar is well known as a tiny island emerged from the ocean. There is no tree on the island and only full of sand. This white sand and turqouise water suround make this spot as litle paradise. What will you do in this spot is to enjoy and swim. Manta Point is located at north side of this tiny island. Sailing only take 5 minutes and arrive at this spot.
• Manta Point (Swimming & snorkeling)
Manta Point is a spot to see Manta Ray in Komodo National Park. You will see a lot of Manta Ray swim on the surface even on the bottom. Lots of travelers take this spot as one of best package in Komodo National Park. Our guide will guide you to see Manta Ray and while seeing them go into the water and swim with them. Make sure you take a good snorkeling gear because the current on this spot quite strong. But we cannot guarantee to always see Manta Ray on this spot depend on your lucky time. Then sail to Kanawa Island which is taken 45 minutes.
• Kanawa Island (Swimming, snorkeling, & to enjoy the beach)
Kanawa Island is one of the best spot for swimming, snorkeling, and to enjoy the white sand beach. After doing some of these activities back to Labuan Bajo which only spend 30 minutes.

For more information of this tour, spot, and something you really more please directly contact us in www.greatkomodotour.com

What is included:

Speed Boat
English speaking guide
Lunch box
Snorkeling equipment
Mineral Water



What is excluded:

Entrance fee
Flight ticket
Travel insurance
Personal expenses
Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks

What to Bring:

Trekking shoes
Sun lotion and mosquito repellent
Personal necessities

Best Regards
Great Komodo Tour
Phion Barty

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