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KOMODO ISLAND  CRUISE SHIP TOURS is a tour package for cruise ship visitors from around the world who want to see, witness, and experience the Komodo Dragon, a giant living lizard. Besides that, there are two spots are often visited by cruise ship visitors, Pink Beach and Komodo Village. These three spots that are in Komodo Island. Komodo Island is one of the 17.508 islands that compose the Republic of Indonesia. The island is particularly notable as the habitat of the Komodo Dragon which is named after the island. The surface area of this island is 390 square kilometers and it has a human population of over two thousand in Komodo Village which is the only village on the island. Besides the Komodo Dragon itself, there are other wild animals living on this island such as; water buffaloes, deer, wild board, snakes, wild chickens, birds, etc. There are many kinds of  vegetation on this island such as palm tree, Tamarindus Indica, Sterulia Foetida, etc. Komodo Island contains a beach with “pink” sand, one of only seven in the world. The sand appears pink because it is a mixture of white sand combined with red sand, formed from pieces of “Foreminifera”. There are many corals and fish to see which makes this spot one of best spots for snorkeling and diving. The beach is a good place for sun bathing. Visitors can go hiking to the small hill to see a great panorama of Pink Beach (and take some pictures). Great Komodo Tour agency will organize a tour if cruise ship visitors trust in us. Please, tell us how long you will spend on the island.  This information will help us to arrange the best spots to visit. We will offer the program with any suggestions. On your request please let us know if you just want to visit one or two spots or all spots (trekking to see Komodo Dragons and other wildlife animals only, or including Pink Beach and Komodo Village).  So we can easily  organize it for you.

The tour price is affordable. We will help the visitor to find the best price.   


Komodo Dragon – Pink Beach – Komodo Village

This option will take 6 to 7 hours. The start and end point are at Komodo Island’s jetty.

Our team (professional tour guide and ranger of Komodo National Park) will be waiting for the cruise ship visitors at Komodo Island’s Jetty and holding a welcoming sign (sample: Welcome to Komodo Island Mr. A and group). Then, the tour guide will welcome and give a short briefing after all the visitors has their own mineral water. The Komodo Island ranger (from the Ranger Station Office) will welcome guests, show the trekking options on a map, and inform visitors about Komodo National Park and the rules on the trail. This information is needed for safety. On the trail, guest will be accompany by the tour guide and two rangers. One ranger will be in the front to guide the group, and the other will be at back to guard. Along the trek, tour guide will provide useful information about Komodo Dragons and the park. Visitors can ask any important questions.

After the trek, tour guide will use a wooden boat will take visitors to Pink Beach for snorkeling, swimming, taking pictures, and to enjoy the pink sandy beach.  Its takes only thirty minutes to get to Pink Beach from the Ranger Station. Lunch will be taken on boat.  Afterward, we will head to Komodo Village to see, feel, and witness the daily life of native people who live near to or even with Komodo Dragons. In this village, native people welcome any visitors. The visitors can interact with the native people. Then, we will go back to the jetty and wait for transfer back to the ship. There is a souvenir and local art shop near the Ranger Station where visitors can see, know, and buy a souvenir/traditional handicraft.

Price Includes: All entrance fees, English speaking guide (it’s possible to have Germany orSpanish speaking guide), ranger fee, mineral water, trekking fee, local wooden boat, lunch, and snorkeling gear.

Price Excludes: Personal expenses, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and tipping

What to Bring: Trekking shoes, sun screen, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, camera, towel, and swimming suit.

For detailed information about the tour please feel free to ask us.

Great Komodo Tour has much experience in handling cruise ships especially in these three spots. The solid team of Great Komodo Tour will make sure your trip is save and memorable. Thank you.

Best Regards:

Bartymeus Serapion (Pion)

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